Inspired by XKCD and created in The Up-Goer Five Text Editor.

In my job, I make sure the people who tell computers to do things have told them in a way that I can’t break. I work with both people and computers, but more computers than people. I get the computers before they go into the world, and try to break them so that they break where it is safe to do it, not where it would cause a problem.

My job has three parts. First, I make sure the computer does what it was told to do, and does it in the right way. I have to pay very close attention to make sure the computer does it right, or it can make a problem where it looks like it does the right thing, but actually it does it in the wrong way. If there is a problem, I tell the person who told the computer what to do, and they tell the computer to try something else.

The next part is to make sure I can’t break the computer by doing things the wrong way. The computer has to be told how to handle it if I do something wrong, and if I do something wrong in a way the person who told the computer what to do didn’t think about, I may break the computer. I am always happy to find something to break, but the person who told the computer what to do might not be very happy. They will have to tell the computer to do something different.

That part is also hard because people out in the world will find new and interesting ways to be wrong, and I can’t think of all of them, so there will always be problems of that type found when the new thing goes out into the world.

The third part is the one I like best. I have already made sure the thing does what it’s supposed to and doesn’t do what it is not supposed to do. For the last part, I act mean and try to break the computer. Some of them are small problems, like if I can do something that makes it stop doing what it was told. Other times I can make a big problem, like if I can do something I should not be allowed to do, or tell the computer to do something it should not do at all. Sometimes, those are very big problems.

I like finding those problems best, but it is best for the computer if I do not find any problems at all. Sometimes the computer stops working at all when I find a big problem, and then I have to fix it so I can keep finding problems.

Using only the ten hundred most used words for this has been hard, because in my job, I have to use many large words for hard ideas, so explaining them without using the large words makes me work in a different way.