Tear Down the Wall is a look at a potential future of the testing industry, and one that I quite like. It’s fun to imagine working on a team where the developers have testing knowledge and use it to make their code faster and better, where the testers have coding knowledge and use it to help fix things and make the software better, faster.

That is so far from my reality that I actually find it a little threatening.

Alan sets up a ‘makers and breakers’ environment, and then shows how to do it so much better. I’m in an environment where ‘makers and breakers’ is something we’re still fighting to even have. I’ll leave off the juicy details – doubtless, o testers, you have fought these same fights yourself, and they are frankly stale. In my environment, I think that someone saying ‘get rid of test roles’ would likely be meaning ‘get rid of testing activity,’ which as a great majority of the software-developing world has shown, isn’t a great plan.

That isn’t what Alan means, or what he talks about. I’d love to see a system that functions like this, but I rather doubt I’ll get to see one soon.